Now breaking down enzymes,
de-constructing codes.
Forget about past times,
prepare to dispose.

Disintegrate patterns,
abscond their growth.
Inhibit reactors,
divert and reload.

Compose your responses,
resume natural flow.
Synapses are lapses,
perceptive muscles.

I’ve tried to toe the line,
obeyed all the road signs,
and now that I’ve arrived I find:
That is wasn’t worth it.

I’ve carefully picked my fights,
tied tongues and muffled sighs.
And now that I’ve denied I’m found:
Unruddered and Reckless.

Not saying it this time,
decided to go.
All efforts were useless,
acknowledge it so.

Forget your devotions,
survivals no joke.
Undermine detractors,
diminish their gloat.

Deflect the transmission,
of dueling rivals,
forgive the transgressions,
of human animals.

I’ve carefully chosen sides,
weighed lows against their highs,
closed eyes and tried to resign myself:
To Never Question.

The choices that I’ve made,
practically calculate,
the safe route from A to B has left me:
An Unfettered Recluse,

Who’s seen 10,000 things,
charred fields abandoned dreams,
uprooted themes and half planned schemes
have left me:
Unruddered and Reckless.