The worst part is,
that this time it’s,
over nothing.

Consolations will fail.
Reason would prevail
if there was something,
but there’s nothing.

Everything in none,
blinded by the sun,
you’ll feel the heat,
but can’t run.

For where can you go?
Indecisively slow,
nothing shining up
all around you,
from below.

Won’t try to understand,
the weight that oppresses me.
Won’t try to see the truth.
Giving Up Will
Set Myself Free.

I’ll throw the fight,
give up the right,
I’ll compromise.
Because I’ll,

Never comprehend.
Or find a way to mend,
the fractured self,
you’ve created.

All the broken attempts,
to control this mess
are proven futile,
by your absence.
And your,

Reluctance to heal,
and your,
Willingness to steal,
unrelenting knowledge,
this is real.

I’ll drop the escapade,
of uncoding sentiment.
Will stop dwelling on,
the Nothing that’s
afflicting me.
Will accept the void,
and pay it no further heed.
Will stop wasting time,
Giving Up Will
Set Myself Free.