I will break the rules and then I’ll go and make my own.
Follow endless question marks do they lead back to home?
I felt a fall the world was small and not quite what it seemed.
Nobody knows nor have they chosen, are we really free?

I will follow tangents until their logical end.
Nothing is forbidden there is no such thing as sin.
A different world per pair of eyes with nothing that’s certain,
be led by change yet keep your name forget your restrictions.

I will shed the thinking that has let me come to this.
Recreate sensations one should never come to miss.
Untangle knots you tied yourself release them from your grasp.
Refresh the strands genetic brand and face the thwarted flesh.

Freed from the name.
Freed from the game.
Freed of the rain,
and the frozen.
Freed from the pain,
and the poison.

Refresh the page.
Resurrect your fate.
Break from the chains.
Look at your face,
and accept the stains.

Freed from restraints.
Freed from the gaze,
his dictatory ways.
We’re finally free,
to exist naturally:
However messy that could be:

Commence The Thawing!