This store works on a “Pay What You Want” basis for digital downloads (CD’s are only $10).

If you’re broke – take it. If you love it, come back and kick in when you have the money.

If you’re rich, think of how much a few bucks can mean to an indie artist like myself.

Regardless, once you have the music, SHARE SHARE SHARE! COPY COPY COPY! SPREAD THE LOVE!!!

You can download my full length debut record from BandCamp plus remixes – Only $10 for autographed CD (I’ll even ship it myself)

It’s also on iTunes but that’s no fun – I’ll get notified immediately via BandCamp so you I can THANK YOU.

All Physical Merch (posters, t-shirts & CD’s) are over at: Including:

11×17 Poster by Doug Seymour/Jason Rand, ‘Starry Night’:

11×17 Poster by Doug Seymour/Jason Rand, ‘Blur’:

‘Brett Gleason’ T-Shirt hand made by ME! I silk screen them in my studio so they’re all slightly imperfect, like us: