If you want me to, I will want it too.
Assert the self or kill, the self for the few.
Stones and bones I give, myself up to you.
Well I can’t fall for this, don’t expect it to feel real.

Give into dissonant thoughts.
Accept the opposite sounds.
Contradiction can’t be found.
Up needs the right, wrong needs down.

If you ignore me, I will just grow loud.
The more you try to forget, the more I’m around.
Decadent indulgence, ascetic restraint:
Are both extremes that can’t please, can’t be indulged or disdained.

Give in to clashing ideals.
Accept the polar extremes.
Common ground cannot be found.
Don’t complain, don’t make a sound.

Don’t try to merge opposites,
let them take you for a trip.
The one you feel now is real,
two futures are later revealed.