If you think, you can take over my mind
I’ll tell you there’s got to be somewhere else
you can find, someone else, naive and careless
Who doesn’t understand the danger of handing
over your wrists.

To something you don’t even know is right.
Right now I’m not sure, if I should fight.

Against you, or with you there’s no easy answer to take
This time I’ll have to fake, but this time
will I be able to ignore that whispering talking
taunting shouting screaming lure.

He’s gonna tell you it’s worth it you’re the sacrifice.
The payback will come and it will be nice.
Don’t ask for more than I’m ready to tell,
Just sit back and enjoy you’re taste of hell

Because he is, the one who’s fallen
And understands there’s less at hand,
than anyone else here can stand,
and with that, comes the responsibility
to see, it, all the time.

It was the end of his show, you were going to be the host.
This time when you tried to walk home,
you would make it alone.
Through the shaded willow light, you would glow,
On your way to places you normally wouldn’t go.
Will his yellow eyes be behind the next bush’s bend?
Or is it through the pond’s stagnant tide
the monster will ascend?

Because he is, the one who’s rising
winning points conquering state by state,
kissing babies, shaking hands,
making speeches giving head,,
while men in black suits get richer to cover
he’s killing me

So with a knife there’s a slice the broken dam,
gushing red.
Two smiles suffice one the Imposter
one Dr. K.