‘Nothing comes when you need it to’
When one thing goes wrong here what I often do:
Give up the hope to achieve it
Abandon the dreams to believe that
Everything’s futile you were fooled
You thought that you could stop
just as easily as you started

He never left you just lost the heart
Silence ensued vowed for a fresh start
Still you can’t believe what he said
grabbed at the throat swang for the head
Everything’s futile you were fooled
He said it was your fault and that you could
Control Him

You can hear his cries, cuz he’s still in his corner
With his watchful eyes, judging how you
fulfill his orders, when you try
to pretend it’s all over you’re:
Futile & Fooled.

Nothing’s gone when you close your eyes
Playing peek-a-boo with a child’s mind
Facing the darkness of light,
Plato’s cave was based on life
I feel the pull come from the side:
Marionettes are fine when they can see their
own strings die.
You thought it all was fine just cuz you turned
the blind eye, he said we’d co-exist then we
bared our teeth, tried to break all our things
to get through the week, was pulled from the breast
of hate sometimes I can’t wait to get back

You can hear his cries, although he’s not the problem,
I’m the one who hides in this convenient disorder
When you try to pretend it’s all over you’re:
Futile & fooled, broken & schooled,                                                                                               deceived & fueled to break All his Rules.

Running through life in this fever
Eyes wide open to see the creature
Life has moved into the theatre
The unreal is real if you’re a believer!