I loved you. For a moment or two,

there was nothing you could say or do.

I loved you. It was real at the time,

but I can’t seem to maintain my mind.

I went through states that do have no words,

and I can’t seem to bridge the divide.

I tried to. But I didn’t see me,

I saw someone else playing make believe.

Sometimes I don’t think I need anyone but me

Does time cement or grate away at my belief?

Our love has met the Expiration Date.

I had to admit this wasn’t for me,

not situation, but fundamentally.

I failed to protect you from my wrath,

unintentional though ruthless distract.

If something changes after the fact,

it never happened. The past is the past.

If someone changes continuously,

they never were and they never will be.

Sometimes I don’t think there is anyone for me.

Because time alters my sense of identity.

So now I can’t trust anything I perceive or believe,

Anyone who claims to love or understand me:

My love has met the Expiration Date.