Highly calculated,
highly manipulated.
Analyzing sensations,
creating my calculations.

Unnaturally complicated,
willfully obfuscated.
Strangely infatuated,
with the world I’ve created:

This place I’ve made,
has kept me safe,
has kept me wrapped,
in waves of hate.

Cuz when you’re down,
you feel no fear,
no faith to lose,
no failure here.

Highly calculated,
highly deliberated.
Breaking down math equations,
creating falsifications.

Ignoring all that is fated,
focus on the frustrated.
Destroy the organization,
reject all of god’s creations:

I’ll calculate,
the emotional weight,
to balance the scales,
lower my heart rate:

This place I’ve craved,
for quick escape,
from ambitions,
and fulfilled fates:

Magnify your identities into,
infinite possibilities you can,
feel multitudes pool around you and,
dualities will not confound you can:

Invite them in,