Brett Gleason’s direct connection with listeners allows him to sing to the emotional truth, cutting to the core of the matter to address the experience and not just the story. In doing so, Brett writes songs that speak to the universal while writing in abstractions.

A multi-instrumentalist and self-produced artist, Brett Gleason constructs deceptively complex songs that twist and turn but effortlessly stay in your head to burrow in your heart. At first glance his 2nd album ‘Manifest’ is a piano based folk rock record but it is so much more than that. After years of dealing with mental illness it is Brett’s re-initiation with reality, a re-birth, a declaration and a triumph. The ten song cycle approaches the great themes of life such as love, sex, death & time with the grateful but hesitant approach of the newly recovered.

The result is both sad and hopeful at the same time – ‘I’ll break your heart, so I can put it back together, stronger than ever’ Brett sings on ‘Rough Love’, daring you to face your truth and be better for it.

From Brooklyn NY by way of Long Island – Brett’s early life was hampered by a severe speech impediment, leading to a solitary childhood immersed in the arts. His struggle to communicate led to a mastery of multiple instruments and a fiction degree from the New School University in NYC. Both an out gay artist and bi-polar sufferer, Gleason knows what it’s like to live a life of intensity outside the mainstream and his unique music & writing reflect this.

Also an avid contributor to the Huffington Post, Brett consistently contributes to the conversation on issues of mental health, politics, pop culture & LGBT equality. His first self-titled debut album was a dark mix of piano pop and electro rock that debuted in the Top 100 of the iTunes Alternative Charts in 2014. It produced 5 music videos & was called, ‘An absolute winner’.

Though a classically trained pianist, jazz guitarist & fiction author, he sees the combination of the written word and composed sound to be the most powerful form of artistic expression and has focused his early career primarily on songwriting and recording.