A multi-instrumentalist and self-produced artist, Brett Gleason’s sophomore album ‘Manifest’ is a piano-based folk-rock record that approaches the great themes of life such as love, sex, death & time with the grateful but hesitant approach of the newly recovered. Both an out gay artist and bi-polar sufferer, Gleason knows what it’s like to live a life of intensity outside the mainstream and his unique music & writing reflect this.

From Brooklyn NY by way of Long Island – Brett’s early life was hampered by a severe speech impediment, leading to a solitary childhood immersed in the arts.  His struggle to communicate led to a mastery of multiple instruments and a fiction degree from the New School University in NYC.

His self-titled debut album was a dark mix of piano pop and electro-rock that debuted in the Top 100 of the iTunes Alternative Charts in 2014 with a debut video that reached number #1 on MTV Logo’s ‘The Click List’ based on viral voting and started the deep connection he forges with his listeners who continue to help him sustain his commitment to a lifelong path of DIY music making.

With the release of his more organic second album, ‘Manifest’ – Brett continues to evolve.  Stripping away the layers and simplifying his songs, he continues to break down the barriers between himself and his listeners – using his lyrics, voice, piano and guitar playing to connect with strangers in the ways we all strive so hard to connect to each other.

The result is both hopeful and sad at the same time – daring you to face your truth and be better for it.

Brett is currently writing and recording new music.  Join his Patreon to support and listen!

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Whether by necessity or design, I’ve embraced being a DIY musician and have learned that the few who truly listen and support my work are my real audience. However many thousands I’ve reached in the years I’ve been recording and performing, it keeps coming back to the same hundred or so fans now friends who have been there from the start and are joining along the way who truly have my back, cheer me on and let me know when I’ve gone astray.

Some people listen to artists for years without ever spending a dollar on them and here I am, asking you to support me monthly, to help sustain the artist vision we’re building together.

Some people can’t give anything, some people can give much more. Some people can only give their time, their ears and their hearts and it all helps to motivate and inspire me to keep creating – A NEW SONG EVERY MONTH is how this has been going down.

And since I’m asking you to pledge your support, here is what I’m promising in return:


  1. A New Song Every Month: I will record a live video of a song, provide the lyrics and the backstory to the song for ALL on Patreon – I will only post a short snippet of the song on social media. Supporters of $3+ get the .mp3 download as well.
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  4. Some Sort of Something in the Mail! Depending on your level of support and whatever kind of BG swag you’ve already got your hands on, I’m gonna find a way to send you something new…it might be after 2-3 months of support when I know you’re really in this but I’ll think of something…
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What is Patreon? Put simply it’s a monthly support system that directly connects artists with their audiences, a private world to explore new work together as we bring it to life. You can jump on for as little as a $1, not get charged until 1st of the next month as well as change your Pledge at any time.

But I know you’ll love it – Patreon is our own social, multi-media account, interactive blog, messenger, live video streaming and chat service. Of course, like most internet platforms, it’s whatever you make out of it and I have some big plans for us…

Why Patreon? For many reasons – most important of all is that I’m looking for a long-term, sustainable path to making music and connecting more intimately with my supporters. Even more important than the financial support is the emotional support and with this Patreon I am committing to making music for whoever is listening, whether it’s a small, core group of supporters like I currently have or beyond. I am committing to a life of creating the most authentic, sincere and directly connected music I can – I am selling out to you.

Where does the money go? Every dollar that I make from the Patreon is being saved to get me into the studio to record the songs we choose or to purchase something I need for my home studio, I will be 100% transparent. And of course, Patreon takes about a 10% fee for us to use this excellent platform.

My truth? I’m a guy who works two jobs to fund the day to day costs of making music in one of the most expensive yet creative cities in the world. But the most expensive thing of all is my time as I not only write but play 90% of the instruments, self-record and produce my albums/videos from my home studio. I have no label or manager. I hire a publicist for 3 months when I have a record out but that’s it. By the time I release the record, the Kickstarter covers the mixing/mastering/printing costs after I’ve spent years and thousands of hours/dollars to get to that point, mostly alone. I’m then too far in debt to tour and have to get back to my day job so the record never gets to truly see the light of day…

If you can make the leap of faith and pledge a monthly support it would be a huge first step towards creating a sustainable life as a musician for me, which is the only way I can continue to create consistently. Not sure if you’re into this? Not sure where your finances will be next month? Put in a small amount to start, you can always change it – for now, the symbolism of your support is huge, as I get my bearings with this platform.

I’ve been supporting and following a few different artists and it’s been amazing, I know you’ll love it here and I know I can be a good host. I’m ready. Let’s do this.

Any thoughts? Concerns? Let me know! Check out my PATREON PAGE to see some public posts and learn more about what I’ve been up to.



ALIVE Official Music Video

I’m so proud to release an aspirational new video for my ALIVE – my first guitar based song and tribute to dreams. Thanks to Music News for premiering!

Isolation isn’t just a large theme in Brett’s life. He makes it a recurring theme in his music, and music videos. His new video for “Alive” features Brett waking up on a deserted beach, dressed all in white and unsure of his situation. As he explores the shore to get his bearings he finds his ring, necklace, and guitar which serve to rebuild his confidence and help reclaim his dreams. His visual presentation is captivating and intense, taking his guitar up to the dunes to sing to the sky before descending to the ocean and disappearing back into the water. Complex and deeply emotional, Brett delivers a striking performance uniquely his own while inspiring the viewers to boldly declare dreams of their own.

‘Manifest’ Album Reviews

Some great reviews of ‘Manifest’ have been coming in! I’ll be posting some highlights here:

GoldMine Magazine pg 38:  “Brett Gleason makes a formidable impression with ‘Manifest’ his sophomore set and an album that lives up to its imposing title. By tunes both mystical and mesmerizing, it finds Gleason turning out a series of piano-based vignettes, theatrical in tone and strikingly unorthodox to boot. Mostly of the keyboard based variety – Gleason – plays all the instruments – the songs surge with odd and often quirky tempos, Gleason’s quivering vocals giving the songs a somewhat profound propriety. No ordinary run of the mill songwriter, Gleason steers these songs into unlikely realms, abandoning the traditional verse-chorus format for a more didactic turn that offer little hint as to where the arrangements will take them.  While Gleason was forced to overcome many challenges earlier in life – a speech impediment, depression and coming out as a gay man – he’s turned those obstacles into triumphs, and those triumphs into songs.’ – Lee Zimmerman – page 38 of October 2017

Atwood Magazine Review‘Brett Gleason’s Manifest (independently out 4/14/17) is a perfect example of a great sophomore album that shows an artist truly finding his footing as a great songwriter…..Gleason can also write a catchy tune that’s impossible to not sing along with….Brett Gleason’s sophomore album is a lush work of excellent music from a growing singer/songwriter. Where so many rock artists tend to rush out a second album and it just seems like a lite version of the first, Gleason’s Manifest shows an artist that put a lot of time and effort into making a genuine improvement from his first.’  –  James Crowley ‘Atwood Magazine’ 

Newsday ‘Manifest Review’- LI’s Brett Gleason is a True Original:  ‘Gleason sounds radio-ready….Throughout his new album, “Manifest” (Brett Gleason), the Huntington native tries out different approaches to his particular brand of piano-driven indie rock. The lush single “Expiration Date” shows how Gleason is most successful when he tries to stretch the boundaries of a catchy rock song.’ – Glenn Gamboa ‘Newsday’

The Lowdown Under –  ‘A work of introspection and dazzling musical flourishes. He finds such ease in being intimate as he does theatrical and it’s all on display here.’ 

Music Junkie Press‘Multi-instrumentalist Brett Gleason returns with his sophomore album, Manifest and it is fueled with a depth of emotion and passion’



‘Manifest’ is OUT NOW

‘Manifest’ is OUT NOW!

At long last & 3 years in the making, I couldn’t be more proud to present Manifest‘. My 2nd full-length album feels more like my first as I strip down my sound to address the basic themes of humanity such as love, loss, death and time with the fresh perspective of an artist reborn.

The best way to experience ‘Manifest’ is in its native environment where you can listen, order an autographed CD, t-shirt & 3 posters all directly from me:

Whereas my debut album of dark, electro-rock dealt with the drama mental illness – ‘Manifest’ is my re-initiation into the life of the living as I finally try to live and love in the light of the world. It’s not easy but armed with my piano, acoustic guitar, and poetry, I’m starting to navigate this complexly beautiful world and have devoted ‘Manifest’ to my first forays into its depths. It’s a more acoustic, melodic driven record that slowly builds in style and complexity…

Of course, Manifest’ is also available through every digital outlet such as iTunes & Spotify if you have such preferences – ‘Manifest’ goes with you.

So much gratitude to all who helped make this record! From the Kickstarter backers who funded it, the fans who cheered me on & the loved ones who stood patiently by as I threw myself into a project that encompassed much of my life.



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